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This article is not an endorsement of efficiency or effectiveness of apitherapy and is provided for information purpose only. Severe allergic reactions and even death may occur with apitherapy. Anyone attempting this therapy is doing the therapy at his or her own risk. The owners of this website is not responsible for any consequences apitherapy.

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History of apitherapy

      The exact origin of apitherapy is not clear, however the history of apitherapy extends back in history to ancient Egypt, Greece, and China. Honeybee has played an important role in human lives for thousands of years. Use of honey dates back to thousands of years and the use of honey has been documented in several religious texts including the Veda (Hindu scriptures) and the Bible (Molan, 1999). Documents dating back to 4000 years even record the use of honey in ancient Sumeria (Molan, 1999). Honey was extensively used in ancient Egypt. They described bees making propolis, a gummy material from trees, on vases and ornaments (Molan, 1999). Theya also used honey to embalm their dead (Broffman, 1999). Even Hippocrates, the great Greek physician renowned as the "father of medicine," used bee venom to treat joint pain and arthritis. Ancient Greeks athletes used honey to boost an energy. (Broffman, 1999). A Roman scholar, Pliny, has written about healing properties of propolis in his book, claiming that it reduces swelling, soothes pain, and heals sores (Stangaciu, 1999). John Gerard wrote about the healing powers of propolis in his book The History of Plants (Stangaciu, 1999). Studies conducted in In 1919 confirmed that honey had antibiotic properties (Molan, 1999).

      The modern systematic study of apitherapy was initiated through the efforts of the Austrian physician Phillip Terc. He published the results of intentional bee sting and bee in his article "Report about a Peculiar Connection Between the Beestings and Rheumatism" in 1888. The history of apitherapy is closely associated with the late beekeeper Charles Mraz from Middlebury, Vermont. He is credited with popularizing bee venom therapy over the past 60 years in this country. Apitherapy is an established form of alternative therapy and is practiced by thousands of medical professionals and lay practitioners.
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Introduction to apitherapy
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Apitherapy main page
From ancient time onwards human beings had a special relation to honey bees. Honey was the ingredient in many ancient medical preparations. Not only honey but various products of the honey bee was used since ancient times. These honey products include royal jelly pollen, wax and various other products created by honeybees.....

Apitherapy - Apitherapy main page
This site is dedicated to information on apitherapy. Apitherapy, is a system of alternative medicine where the products of the honey bee like honey bee venom, bee pollen, raw honey, royal jelly, or propolis is used for treatment of various medical conditions. The history of apitherapy extends back in history to ancient Egypt, Greece, and China. Useful sites